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black runner ducks

These pure black runner ducks have a greenish-olive sheen and look notably placing as a small group within the backyard. Black Runner ducks have brown eyes and darkish coal-colored feet, legs, and bill. One can anticipate 100 to 180 eggs per yr from Runner Geese.

Black Runner Ducks facts

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Black Runner Ducks are an amazingly distinctive breed with a robust slender physique and an upward stance.

They had been initially bred for his or her mobility and excessive egg manufacturing. They have an inclination to have a more nervous temperament.

Black Runner Ducks Description

The Indian Runner is a simply identifiable breed of home duck. It has an extended cylindrical physique. Its legs are set far again on its body and in consequence, this duck stands almost upright.

There are 9 coloration varieties. The most typical is the fawn and white selection, however, different colors can embrace black, blue, grey, and pure white. Cosley Zoo reveals black Indian Runners.

Runner Geese had been developed in Scotland around 1900 from inventory that got here from the East Indies.

These uniquely showing geese — generally known as “Penguin Geese” or “Bottle Necks” — have lengthy, slender our bodies and a vertical posture.

Runners don’t waddle like different geese however transfer upright with a fast step. They’re smaller geese (averaging 3-Four kilos), good foragers, lay white eggs, and are a really fascinating addition to any farmstead.


Unsure for this breed. Usually, geese reside a median of two years within the wild and might reside over 10 years in captivity.


The geese range in weight between 1.4 and a pair of 3kg (3.1 and 5.1 lb). Their top (from crown to tail tip) ranges from 50 cm (20 in) in small females to about 76 cm (30 in) within the taller males.


One cause geese are in a position to keep afloat within the water is due to air sacs inside their bodies that enhance their buoyancy.

Geese’s feathers entice air in between them, which is one other adaptation that helps them to drift.

Their feathers are additionally lined with a water-proof substance that retains the geese heat and dry.

Geese’ webbed ft permits them to maneuver simply within the water.

Geese shouldn’t have a tooth, however, they do have bumpy edges on their payments that assist them to filter meals out of the water.

Meals are then swallowed and floor up within the gizzard, part of the abdomen that comprises small rocks for breaking down meals.

As a result of the Indian, Runner has an upright posture, it is ready to run as a substitute for waddling as most geese do.

Black Runner Ducks Diet

The Black Runner Ducks feed on slugs and worms and insects found in the grass, stream, and lawn. Their diet also includes greens, such as grass and duck-weed, as well as a waterfowl food plan.

Black Runner Ducks Reproduction

Feminine Indian Runners are prolific egg layers and might produce as many as 300 eggs per yr. Nevertheless, they don’t typically sit on their eggs to incubate them.

Individuals who elevate Indian Runners sometimes use synthetic incubators or place the eggs beneath one other duck if they need them to hatch.

Shelter and House Wants

Home geese require easy accessibility to contemporary water for consuming and swimming.

Additionally, they require a fence that retains predators out and shelter from excessive climate circumstances.

Black Runner Ducks Size

The Indian Runner duck is a favorite breed of many individuals.

It’s a lightweight duck that matures at about 4 -4 1/2 lbs for the drake and 3 1/2 – 4 lbs for the hen duck.

The famous function is an extended and glossy physique with an upright carriage.

Black Runner ducks  Egg

Eggs range from pearly white to blue inexperienced in lots of plumage color varieties.

It’s only in Black Runners (together with Chocolate) that one may discover an inclination to have ‘sooty’ outer shells on a number of the first eggs of the season.

Later eggs generally are white as these of different Runners.

Black Runner ducks  Habitat

Black Runner ducks will be efficiently stored in a penned area or allowed to roam free inside a fenced boundary.

They require entry to water during which to wash – the water should be a depth which permits geese to submerge themselves equivalent to a pond or dam.

black runner ducks


Although they’re a light-class duck, Runners are an effective desk hen.

With their good meat-to-bone ratio, it has been famous that the “flesh is plentiful for the dimensions of body, effective in high quality and properly flavored.”

Black Runner ducks Voice

Black Runner ducks aren’t any extra noisy than Campbells. In fact, it’s the females who’re the noisy ones due to the quack. However, in contrast with Name geese, they’re quiet.

Why are they known as the runner?

As they’re gentle in weight, there’s additionally much less likelihood of them trampling the vegetation in your backyard or yard.

Due to the excessive egg manufacturing of the native geese, duck eggs are utilized in quite a lot of methods in Southeast Asia.

Not solely do they substitute the standard hen egg however duck eggs are made into two distinctive merchandise, the balut ({a partially} incubated duck egg) and the salted egg (contemporary eggs put in a salt answer or salt mud till the salt has permeated the complete egg).

As a result of the emphasis on coloration over the previous 80 years within the breeding applications in England and the US, the Runners now not excel at egg manufacturing. They’re very common at this level.

Why are they known as Indian Black Runners? Custom has it the geese had been first imported into England within the 1850s and had been named Indians because the ship had proceeded from India and had traded with the “Indies”.

It wasn’t till 1909 that the importing household acknowledged that they got here from Southeast Asia – not India.

However, by then the title had caught and the breed was extraordinarily widespread all through the nation.

Till the Khaki Campbell was bred, Runners had been by far the most efficient egg-laying geese.

Previous to the flip of the century there have been many egg trials in England the place representatives of various breeds and farmers had been placed on a typical website and their egg manufacturing monitored and in contrast.

The primary Black Runner ducks imported into England had been both Fawn, Fawn-and-White, or White in coloration.

The primary information of them being in an exhibition had been in 1877 on the Dumfries Present in Scotland.

In 1898 they had been admitted into the American Standard Registry. The Black, Blue, and Chocolate weren’t admitted until 1977.

Although the Black and Chocolate breed true, the Blue doesn’t as solely 50% of their progeny are Blue.

In order that we produce 100% Blue colored birds, we now have two pens of breeders. One pen has Black Runner males on Silver females.

The opposite pen has Silver males on Black females. For extra data on producing the blue coloration in poultry and our breeding program, see our page on Blue Swedish.

Black Runner ducks Fun Facts

The Black Runner ducks have been nicknamed the “Bowling Pin Duck” as a consequence of its uncommon posture.

The Black Runner ducks, like many different home geese, are descended from the wild Mallard duck.

There’s some proof that Indian Runners have existed for over 2000 years. Carvings in Javan temples seem to depict these geese with their attribute upright stance.

The water within the Cosley Zoo duck pond typically appears inexperienced, however, that’s not as a result of its soiled!

The green dye that we put in there helps to dam daylight, which retains algae from taking up the pond.

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