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female belted kingfisher

The female belted kingfisher is equivalent in look to the male besides that her decrease mandible is orange-red with a black tip. The juvenile female belted kingfisher is just like the grownup, however with duller and greener upperparts and paler underparts. Its bill is black, and the legs are additionally initially black.

Female belted kingfisher  facts

The Belted Kingfisher is among the few hen species wherein the female belted kingfisher is extra brightly colored than the male.

Among the many almost 100 species of kingfishers, the sexes usually look alike. In some species, the male is extra colorful, and in others the female is.

The belted kingfisher is a stocky, medium-sized hen that measures between 28–35 cm (11–14 in) in size with a wingspan of between 48–58 cm (19–23 in).

This female belted kingfisher can weigh from 113 to 178 g (4.0 to 6.3 oz). The grownup feminine averages are barely bigger than the grownup male.

This species has a big head with a shaggy crest. Its lengthy, heavy bill is black with a gray base. These options are widespread in lots of kingfisher species.

This kingfisher reveals reverse sexual dimorphism, with the feminine extra brightly colored than the male. Each sex has a slate blue head, a massive white collar, a big blue band on the breast, and white underparts.

The again and wings are slate blue with black feather ideas with little white dots. The feminine contains a rufous band throughout the higher stomach that extends down the flanks.

Juveniles of this species are just like adults, however each sex characteristic the rufous band on the higher stomach.

Juvenile males can have a rufous band that’s considerably mottled whereas the band on female belted kingfisher might be a lot thinner than that on grownup females.

female belted kingfisher

This female belted kingfisher nests in a horizontal tunnel made in a riverbank or sandbank and excavated by each dad and mom.

The female belted kingfisher lays 5 to eight eggs and each adult incubates the eggs and feeds the younger.

With its top-heavy body, energetic flight, and piercing rattle, the Belted Kingfisher appears to have an air of self-importance because it patrols up and down rivers and shorelines.

It nests in burrows alongside earthen banks and feeds nearly totally on aquatic prey, diving to catch fish and crayfish with its heavy, straight bill.

These ragged-crested birds are a powdery blue-gray; males have one blue band throughout the white breast, whereas females have a blue and a chestnut band.

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