Golden Laced Wyandotte Facts and Care Guide

Golden Laced Wyandotte

The Golden Laced Wyandotte is the identical vast bodied, docile bird as our Silver Laced Wyandotte except the coloring. Well-liked as a present fowl as a result of their enticing feathering, this breed additionally serves nice as a twin objective rooster.

Golden Laced Wyandotte

The Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen is a good pet rooster. They’re a beautiful addition to any yard coop. This breed is firmly established as an excellent producer in addition to having scrumptious meat. The Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen has a rose comb and is a chilly hardy fowl.

The “ancestors” of Golden Laced Wyandottes originated in Wisconsin and have been known as Winnebagoes. By 1880 they acquired their present-day title.

This selection is an exquisite mixture of wealthy golden bay laced with lustrous greenish-black. The overall feather sample is similar to the Silver Laced Wyandottes. A good-looking fowl for the exhibition.

The historical past of the Wyandotte chicken.

The Wyandotte is a really American breed, initially named after a local American tribe known as the “Wendat”. The title was modified by settlers within the 19th Century.

The breed normal and numerous colorings and markings have been created by crossing plenty of breeds collectively over plenty of years.

These breeds included the Silver Sebright, Silver Spangled Hamburg, Cochins, and Pekins.

The very first Wyandotte was a Silver laced, bred in Wisconsin, USA. It stays one of the crucial common and most engaging varieties.

The Wyandotte was accepted as a breed within the USA in 1883; it was not launched into the UK till the 1890s.

It is now one of the crucial common rooster breeds everywhere in the world.

Bodily look: if you’d like a surprising rooster, that is it.

Wyandotte golden laced feathers.The gorgeous Golden Laced Wyandotte feathers.

They have a traditional rounded form, generally described as “rotund”. (I favor considering it as ‘statuesque’!).

Their feathering – simply take a look at it. Usually laced, at all times glamorous.

There are a complete of seventeen recognized colors, together with probably the most well-known golden laced (my private favorite), the unique silver laced, buff and buff laced, silver penciled, blue laced, lavender, partridge, black, and pure white.

They stroll precisely as if they personal the world with an assured, showy air, and a ‘stately’ gait.

They’ve fairly lengthy, shapely legs with no feathering.

Their legs and ft are a traditional yellow, comb and wattles are deep, superb crimson.

As befits a diva the comb just isn’t a ‘regular’ rooster comb. It ought to be a ‘rose’ form – vast and flat, lined in little bumps. This makes the breed excellent in chilly climates – their comb being small is much less prone to frostbite.

Ideally, the comb ought to match snugly to the top, following its contours to the again.

How large do Wyandottes develop?

Wyandottes are classed as a ‘giant’ rooster breed. The common male will weigh around 8½ lbs and the feminine, 6lbs.

There’s additionally a bantam selection that is able to weigh a median of 3lbs to 3¾ lbs.

What does a Wyandotte chick appear to be?

On the left, Spartacus as a one-day outdated chick. One the proper, Spartacus as two yr outdated rooster!

An in the future outdated Wyandotte chick and the identical chick as a two-year outdated rooster.

Take a look at this brief video of Golden Laced Wyandotte chicks after they’re just some days outdated. How cute are they?!

The temperament of the Wyandotte rooster.

Like several self-respecting divas and in step with their showy bodily look, Wyandottes can have robust personalities.

Usually calm and pleasant, their power of character can generally make them appear a bit aloof. Assume Sophia Loren.

They love to speak – which movie star does not – and as soon as they begin, discover it laborious to cease! Some individuals discover them a bit noisy for that purpose.

They’re good foragers preferring to free vary.

I’ve by no means had a Wyandotte hen sit on eggs for longer than two days earlier than abandoning them, so in my expertise, they are not good as a broody. However, it will differ from one hen to a different one.

Roosters are fantastically showy, and are typically mild and sort to their women.

Golden Laced Wyandotte roo with one in every of my Buff Laced women.Spartacus, my Golden Laced Wyandotte roo, with one in every of his Buff Laced women.

Are they good egg-layers?

Wyandottes are cheap egg layers, offering around 200 eggs per year.

Their eggs are a lightweight, creamy brown color.

If you’d like a hen who lays extra eggs than the Wyandotte, and extra reliably, check out the Purple Star.

A Golden Laced Wyandotte sitting on an egg. Sophia Lor-hen telling me she needed to take a seat on her egg – she did, for 2 days.

Wyandotte chickens: good factors.

Though they like to have the ability to vary and are actually good foragers, they will cope with having much less land than most different giant rooster breeds.

Foraging means they might eat rather fewer meals than different breeds (though to be sincere, I’ve by no means seen this!).

Their feathers are loosely packed which, along with the rose comb, makes them capable of deal nicely with chilly climates.

Though they’re robust personalities, they’re usually a really pleasant breed which makes them a good selection for those who’re simply beginning out with chickens.

They appear so gorgeous that they entice loads of admirers!

Wyandottes are for you if:

You are simply beginning out with chickens and you want a rooster with a powerful persona.

You’ve got some land, regardless of if it is not enormous, the place you may permit the poultry to free vary for a minimum of a part of the time.

Your winters are typically very chilly.

You need a breed that is sweet for meat in addition to eggs.


The noise! Not everybody (sadly) likes the sound of chickens and for those who reside in city space and need to hold chickens in your again yard, you have to ensure that your neighbors can be pleased with the clucking!

So that you should not purchase Wyandottes if:

You need a rooster as a cuddly pet to maintain in an enclosed house. Attempt a Silkie as a substitute.

You need a hen who can be reliably broody.

You reside in city space and are not allowed to have loud, crowing roos!

My Wyandotte rooster crowing. Spartacus making his presence recognized in the entrance of his women!

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Please be aware: Though the traits above are frequent throughout the breed, not each rooster will conform to them. Chickens, like individuals, are people. Verify with whoever you purchase from concerning the sorts of bodily and persona traits their flock has.

At a Glance

Manufacturing: This rooster breed is a superb twin objective breed. These Golden Laced Wyandotte chickens produce 180-260 good sized brown eggs a year. Some hens could also be broody.

Temperament: Golden Laced Wyandotte chickens are quiet. The moms are glorious moms. They do nicely whether or not within the open or in confinement. They do fairly nicely in a yard coop. Golden Laced Wyandottes have good foraging capacity.

Historical past: The Wyandotte rooster is an American breed named after a North American Indian tribe. Via historical past, the tribe resided from the Nice Lakes to Ohio and Kansas.

Hen breeds are usually named after their unique localities. Since 1888 the Golden Laced Wyandotte rooster breed is acknowledged by the American Customary of Perfection.

APA Class: American

Color Description: The Golden Laced Wyandotte chickens have black and golden feathers. The feathers make a sample that appears like lace.

The tail is black. The comb, earlobes, and wattles are a crimson rose color. The looks are gorgeous. They appear good in any yard coop.

Conservation Standing: Recovering

Weight: Cockerel 7.5 lbs, Pullet 5.5 lbs.

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