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Rouen ducklings are the fundamental coloration of the Mallards solely bigger and don’t fly greater than 100 feet when getting an adult. In this article I am going to talk about Rouen Ducklings vs mallard, male vs female, 3 weeks old, week by week, care, 5 week, etc.

They’re a French breed that’s used each for eggs and meat and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.

A fantastic waterfowl for the ranch pond, they make good yard ducklings and are good for insect management.

The Rouen duck is calm, sociable, and really entertaining as pets. The Rouen duck is a slower grower than the Pekin. In addition, they make good presents.

Rouen Ducklings Key Characteristics

They’re a docile breed and tame fairly simply. Due to their size, they can’t fly.

Like all heavy ducklings, it’s a problem to supply good high-quality birds and preserve them in the present situation, however, may be very rewarding for those ready to take it on.


Initially produced in Normandy, from the realm of Rouen, it was imported into southern England a while within the eighteenth century.

Right here its dimension, form, and coloring had been additionally developed to such an extent that it was distinguished from the business French ducklings by referring to it because the Rouen foncé (darkish Rouen) and even ‘English Rouen’.

It was one of many first duck breeds standardized in Great Britain (within the authentic Requirements of 1865).

It has additionally been used as primary inventory for breeding lots of the duck breeds developed within the twentieth century.

Rouen Ducklings Look

The Rouen is a really massive home duck with plumage color and markings that resemble those of the wild mallard.

The drake can weigh over 5kg, the duck is barely smaller.

The carriage is horizontal, the keel being deep and parallel to and touching the bottom when the hen is standing at relaxation. The pinnacle is huge, the cranium rising barely from the bottom of the bill.

There may be additionally a blue type, however, as with different blue ducklings, this doesn’t breed true.

rouen ducklings

Rouen Ducklings Description

Rouen ducklings are most likely the second hottest breed in North America. They’re very stunning and intently resemble wild Mallards in coloration.

The unique Rouen Ducklings breed was developed in France and named after the town of Rouen.

They’re second solely to Pekins and Muscovy in dimension.

They have a relaxed disposition and in contrast to Mallards, they don’t fly. A Rouen duck weighs 5-7.25 lbs, which is about 3 times as a lot as a Mallard.

We promote the non-show kind of Rouen duck as a result of they’re higher foragers, are extra fertile, and lay extra eggs.

The females will lay 140-180 extra-large white, tinted, inexperienced, or blue eggs per year. Eggs will weigh 80-95 grams.

Ducklings will totally combine with all the opposite breeds that we provide.

If you would like purebred ducklings hatching out of your ducklings, be sure you separate your ducklings by breed through the mating season.

Or you possibly can let your ducklings cross and see what completely different shapes and colors you’re going to get with their ducklings.

Rouen Ducklings Utility

Matured females lay between 100-150 eggs every year, and the breed is now additionally valued for its dimension and plumage markings within the exhibition pen than as commercial meat when it’s gradually rising, taking two years to succeed in its full weight of 5kg.

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