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blue runner ducks

Blue Runner Ducks are a breed of Anas platyrhynchos domesticus, the home duck. They stand erect like penguins and, fairly than waddling, they run. In this article, I am going to talk about blue runner ducks as pets, for sale, chicks for sale, blue Indian runner ducks for sale, can blue runner ducks fly, male blue runner ducks, Cumberland blue runner ducks, etc.

Blue Runner Ducks profile

These Blue Runner Ducks don’t fly and solely hardly ever type nests and incubate their very own eggs. They run or stroll, typically dropping their eggs wherever they occur to be.

Blue Runner Geese are an amazingly distinctive breed with a robust slender physique and an upward stance.

They have been initially bred for his or her mobility and excessive egg manufacturing.

They have a tendency to have a more nervous temperament. We provide 4 completely different colors.

Blue Runner Ducks are the fantastic thing about the Runner Duck household. They have a deep charcoal grey color and are fairly beautiful. Runner duck’s our bodies rise up greater than a standard duck and have a singular “stroll” versus a standard waddle.

With these attributes, they will transfer extra rapidly and even have the power to be herded.

Blue Runner Ducks are nice for insect management as they’re environment-friendly foragers and are wonderful egg producers.

If you’re in search of an energetic and exquisite Runner Duck, then the Blue Runner Duck is a superb possibility.

These geese are quick-growing and nice layers, every hen can lay 220 – 240 white or blue eggs per yr averaging 2.8oz., which the USDA would grade as “Jumbo”; they have a wealthy taste and texture.  With correct administration, they’ll proceed to put effectively for 4 – 5 years.  

Although they’re a light-class duck, Runners are a high-quality desk chook. 

With their good meat-to-bone ratio, it’s been famous that the “flesh is ample for the dimensions of the body, high quality in high quality and effectively flavored.” 

There are three forms of Indian Runners: the Fawn and White, the White, and the Penciled.

The breed has a particular sort, the lengthy, flat, straight ahead, and long, slender neck forming, in form, and umbrella deal with and stem; the again must be lengthy, straight and carried upright, and with the body ought to tackle nearly horizontal bearing. The type must be clear minimized, there is little indication of a keel. All the bearing must be upright and racey.

As can be anticipated in a lively, profile breed of this type, the specimens shouldn’t have an excessive amount of measurement.

The specified weights are Grownup drake, Four ½  lbs.; grownup duck, Four lbs.; younger drake, Four lbs.; younger duck, three ½  lbs.

This breed originated in India, was launched into England as early maybe as 1830, however, was little identified in America previous to 1900.

The Indian Runner produces a small to medium measurement carcass, however, one of good high quality.

The geese are virtually non-sitters and are widespread due to their prolific egg manufacturing which rivals the 200 egg strains of chickens.

Indian Runners are an uncommon trying home duck. A historic breed, they’re very slender and stand upright think about a bowling pin with legs.

This Blue Runner Duck originated within the Far East, with roots in India and Bali.

Hieroglyphics depicting this upright, slender duck seem in historic Java temple ruins indicating that Runner-type geese have been around for over 2,000 years.

They had been first imported into Europe almost 2 hundred years in the past the place they attracted consideration due to their tall, upright our bodies and their unimaginable status for egg-laying.

Blue Runner Ducks are busy little bowling pins. These humorous geese by no means appear to stroll wherever – they’re at all times shifting at a run.

It’s not an ungainly waddle, both; they’re swish and surprisingly fast of their upright mode.

These birds have an ultra-strong flocking intuition and once they transfer in teams, they run, flip, and sway with the coordinated precision of highly-trained synchronized swimmers.

Runners are essentially the most lively foragers of all geese.

Blue Runner Ducks vary over big space-consuming mosquito larvae, snails, slugs, weeds, and different edibles.

They do not require a pond for good well-being, however, they do actually get pleasure from swimming and are very swish on the water.

Greatest identified for his or her exuberant personalities they’re additionally broadly utilized in cross-breeding so as to add heartiness and enthusiasm to extra conventional desk breeds. 

In reality, from the time they had been first launched to Western Europe within the late sixteenth century they had been crossed with different home geese to such an extent that the pure Blue Indian Runner Ducks had been nearly extinct in Britain by the start of the 20th century.

They had been used to create Khaki Campbells, Buff Orpingtons, and the push of ‘Gentle Duck’ breeds that now fill the business farms and exhibition pens.

Blue Runner Ducks  History

Blue Runner Ducks are a historical breed. They have been imported from Indonesia into Nice Britain and Europe within the fourteenth century however have appeared in Asian information for a whole lot of years earlier than that. In Indonesia and Asia, Runner Geese have been raised and bred particularly for egg-laying skills and for the controlling of pests in rice paddies. Blue Runners have been admitted into the APA in 1977.

Blue Runner Ducks  Habits

Blue Runner Ducks are enjoyable and kooky however with a strong goal for the farm or homestead.

These Blue Runner Geese are a deep, darkish charcoal grey color, and look merely attractive as a flock. Males are usually a barely darker shade of slate grey than females. Payments and ft are additionally grey in color.

Blue Runner Ducks maintain themselves in a really upright, penguin-like place. They’re energetic and energetic and preserve to a good flock, which accentuates their humorous vertical look.

Blue Runner Ducks Lifespan

Unsure for this breed. Generally, geese dwell a median of two years within the wild and might dwell over 10 years in captivity

Blue Runner Ducks Voice

Blue Runner Ducks aren’t any extra noisy than Campbells. After all, it’s the females who’re the noisy ones due to the quack.

However, in contrast with Name geese, they’re quiet. No, you do not want a drake, however, most Runners shall be offered in pairs (a duck and a drake).

blue runner ducks


Runner Geese are nice backyard companions – they have been initially raised in Asia for his or her insect-controlling skills in rice paddies.

They’d be herded every morning to the paddies with the human employees after which return every evening again to their house.

Past their sustainable and natural insect management, Runner Geese have additionally been used for the management of spiders and pests from playgrounds and picnic areas.

And to prime off their usefulness, Blue Runner Ducks are also excellent egg layers. They’ve been recognized to put as much as 180 eggs per yr. Eggs are evenly tinted and are fairly massive in measurement.

Blue Runner Ducks Temperament

Blue Runner Ducks are geese with a goal. The phrase that in all probability would greatest describe them is industrious.

These birds forage with enthusiasm and plenty of power. They appear to have a plan for successfully masking the yard in an organized and thorough method.

They’re a bit skittish, however, do make good pets and are well-liked for exhibition as properly.

Regardless of their tendency to be a bit nervous, they have a really sturdy herding intuition and are thus fairly straightforward to handle.

They arrive in varied colors together with black, buff, fawn, white, grey, and chocolate.

Pretty gentle geese, Runners sometimes weigh three to 5.5 kilos. Good layers of greenish or white eggs, Runners can lay 150-200 eggs per yr.

Not fairly as calm as Pekins, Runners are pleasant and make fantastic pets.

Conservation Standing: Recovering

Weight: Males 4.5 lbs; Females Four lbs.

APA Class: Gentle Duck

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