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chocolate runner duck

Chocolate Runner Duck is very uncommon on account of how it walks and looks making them good for the exhibition, as well as productivity in laying eggs. In this article, I am going to talk about chocolate runner duck eggs, baby, egg color, chicks, chocolate Indian runner duck, male chocolate runner duck, etc.

Chocolate runner duck profile

Chocolate Runner Duck lays white eggs with a green tint and is severe foragers. Infants have an upright stance. Runner geese are among the many most energetic members of geese.

Mature geese have lengthy slender chocolate brown bodies with a vertical posture. Infants are brown with mild yellow chests.

They don’t waddle, however, transfer with a fast step. They develop as much as four lbs. at around 12 to 15 weeks.

Suppose again to a time once you’ve gone bowling. Are you able to imagine what the pins on the finish of the bowling lane seem like?

Properly, the Chocolate Runner Duck appears much like these pins, besides they’ve legs!

Their bodies are lengthy and cylindrical. They’ve two legs which can be set far again on their bodies, which permits them to face tall and upright.

Their necks are lengthy and their eyes are excessive upon their head. They have a straight invoice, or beak, and webbed ft.

Webbed ft are ft that have toes that can be linked by pores and skin. That is what makes geese such nice swimmers.

They arrive in a wide range of colors, together with black, grey, and white.

As well as, most of those geese measure 20-26 inches tall, which is slightly beneath two ft, and might weigh as much as 5 kilos.

Their distinctive bodies give them the power to run. That is totally different from loads of different kinds of geese, that are often solely in a position to waddle, somewhat than run. For this reason, Indian Runners have the phrase ‘runner’ of their identity.


Chocolate Runner Duck breed of home duck originated in Indonesia. Stone carvings point out that Indian runners have been around for at the very least 2,000 years.

They have been first imported into Europe within the early 19th century and have been crossed with many different breeds to create new breeds resembling Khaki Campbells and Buff Orpingtons.

Historical past

There are stories of ‘Penguin’ geese being imported into Britain as early as 1835.

These geese introduced with them brown dilution and likewise dusky mallard genes, in addition to their upright stance and prolific egg-laying functionality, as witnessed by Alfred Wallace in Malaya.

The time period ‘India Runner’ was largely coined by John Donald in about 1890 when he described comparable birds imported additionally a while within the 1830s.

These included all-fawns, whites, and pied sample geese, the latter being the idea of the Poultry Membership Customary publication of 1901.

The Chocolate Runner Duck Membership’s Customary of 1907 described solely the Fawn-&-white; that of 1913 acknowledged additionally the White and the entire Fawn.

Chocolate Runner Duck Description

Chocolate Runner Ducks are tall, slender geese that stand upright and have lengthy necks. Early importers referred to them as “penguin geese.”

They’ve small wings and don’t fly. They arrive in a wide range of colors together with black, white, chocolate, Cumberland blue, fawn, mallard, white, and trout.

The Runner, also called Indian Runner, weighs between four and four half kilos. This duck’s slim physique and lengthy neck have prompted the outline of a “wine bottle with a head and legs”.

Its head is slender with eyes set excessive, the invoice is straight, and the legs are set far again on their bodies, ensuing within the upright carriage attribute of the breed.

Typical carriages are 45 to 75 levels above the horizontal, however, when agitated, some runners stand fully upright.

There are extra shade kinds of Runner geese than some other breed of Chocolate Runner Duck.

Varieties acknowledged within the American Customary of Perfection are Fawn & White, White, Penciled, Black, Buff, Chocolate, Cumberland Blue, and Grey. There are additionally many nonstandard shade varieties.

If you’re on the lookout for a Runner Duck with actually placing coloring, then the Chocolate Runner Duck an ideal alternative.

The Chocolate Runner Duck has chocolate brown coloring as its name suggests. Like different Runner Geese, the Chocolate Runner Duck has an upright physique, and seems to nearly stroll somewhat than waddle.

Their distinctive upright physique permits them to maneuver rapidly, and have the power to be herded.

Runner geese are glorious egg layers and are naturally good at foraging, which is useful for insect management.

Chocolate Runner Duck Habitat

Indian Runner geese have been around for a very long time.

In actual fact, it is estimated that they initially got here from the East Indies about 2,000 years in the past after which made their manner over to Europe.

Nonetheless, they are often discovered nearly wherever on this planet now. Since they’re domesticated, many dwell on farms and revel in spending time within the water.

chocolate runner duck

Chocolate Runner Duck Diet

Chocolate Runner Duck is omnivore as a result of their eat each crop and animal.

They’re recognized for foraging, or trying to find meals alongside the bottom and generally within the water.

They eat loads of worms, slugs, bugs, and grass.

Though they haven’t any tooth, their payments assist with selecting up their meals and breaking them into smaller items earlier than swallowing.

Chocolate Runner Duck Eggs

Chocolate Runner Duck is prolific layers and good strains will lay in more than 250 white, hen-sized eggs per 12 months. Probably the most energetic forager of all breeds, they’ll cowl a big space looking for snails, slugs, bugs, and different edibles.

Their energetic disposition is clear proper from the beginning, stories breeder David Holderread.

When taking hatched ducklings from the incubator he should transfer slowly and speak to them quietly to maintain them from leaping overboard of their enthusiasm to discover their new world.

Whereas not able to sustained flight, Runners can scramble over a two to 3-foot enclosure for meals.

Due to its small dimension, this duck isn’t valued primarily as meat chicken, however many regard Runners as having a taste much like a wild duck.

When selecting breeders, keep away from geese that have low physique posture, quick stocky bodies with outstanding shoulders and chests; spherical heads with outstanding foreheads; quick payments and/or concave on the prime line; and tails which can be consistently cocked upward, even when the chicken is happy.

Search for robust legs and a clean operating gait, and select Chocolate Runner Duck that comes from families with a historical past of fine laying and foraging potential.

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