Yellow Crowned Amazon Bird with talking Skill

yellow crowned amazon

Yellow-crowned Amazon or yellow-crowned parrot, scientific name Amazon ocrocephala is a species native to native Native America and Panama. The taxonomy is extremely complex and yellow-headed (A. oratrix) and yellow-naped Amazon (A. oropolyata) is sometimes considered a subspecies of the yellow-crowned Amazon.

Excluding taxonomic categories, the following nominees only work with designated groups (including subspecies xantholaema, nattereri, and Panamensis). Yellow-crowned Amazon parrots are found in the Amazon Basin.

If you are looking for a smart and fun pet, Yellow-crowned Amazon is a great candidate. Like their Amazon cousins, yellow-crowned amazon parrots are powerful, social, and extremely intelligent, often able to communicate with great skill. Yellow crowned Amazon is famous for its talking skills.

And that’s not to say – yellow-crowned Amazon parrots are one of the most popular pet parrots in the world. Let’s see what details they like so much.

All yellow-crowned amazon parrots are very intelligent and have the natural ability to speak with extraordinary ability. Yellow-crowned Amazon is famous for its talking skills.

Yellow crowned amazon parrot can develop a coarse vocabulary and repeat complex sentences in a clear and loud tone.


  • Size: 14 to 15 inches
  • Lifetime: 80 to 100 years
  • Bird species: Amazon parrot
  • Color: Green
  • Sounds: Vocal, Mimics, Natural Call, Talk
  • Interaction: Social, energetic, affectionate, fun, quiet, innocent
  • Comparable species: Double yellow head Amazon, Syrian macaw

The total length is 33-38 cm (13-1515) in the subspecies of the designated group (including tribal xantholyma, notary and panamensis). Like many other Amazon parrots, it also has a small square tail and basically a green plumage.

Yellow-crowned amazon parrot has dark blue tips of the second and primaries, and a red wing spiculum, carpal edge (the top edge of the “shoulder” wing), and the base of the outer tail feathers.

The red and dark blue sections are often seen when the bird is tied, while only the red base of the outer tail feather is rarely seen in normal areas under wild conditions.

The yellow color is restricted to the crown region (sometimes there are a few random feathers around the eye), while the jauntholei. The mother subspecies have mostly yellow heads. Everyone has a white eye-ring.

Except for panamensis, a yellow crowned amazon parrot’s upper mandible has a large horn (gray) or reddish-brown cavity, which has a lump of the horn. In Pamu, men and women are not separated. The wings are slightly yellow and red from the adolescent leaves except for the speculum. Yellow-crowned Amazon is famous for its talking skills.

Accommodation and distribution

The yellow-crowned Amazon is found in the Amazon Basin and Guanas with additional populations in northwestern South America and Panama. It has been introduced to Grand Cayman. It is also found in tropical forests (both moist and dry), birds, forests, mangroves and savannas, and in cultivated land and suburban areas.

In the southern part of its range, it is rarely found in the Amazon Rain Forest. It is mainly a lowland bird but has been recorded locally up to 800 m (2600 ft) in the eastern slopes of the Andes. Puerto Rico is known and apparently known to have breeding populations.


Food and feeding

These are usually found in joints or small flocks of up to 30 or so, but larger groups may gather in soil leaps. Their dishes include fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries. Sugary foods and plenty of salt can be dangerous for them.


The nest is on the trunk of a tree, date, or termitarium, where they lay two to three eggs. The incubation period is about 26 days and the rats leave the nest 60 days after hatching.


The yellow-crowned Amazon is considered by Birdlife International and, consequently, IUCN the least of the concern. Yellow crowned amazon price is higher that causes a severe danger for this species.

Although the population is thought to be declining, they have not yet reached the precincts specified by BirdLife International to determine threatened rates near the species. It occurs in numerous protected areas and remains common throughout a large part of its range. Yellow crowned amazon can have a higher price, but we should never force this species in extinction.

Natural habits

This attractive parrot is one of the symbols of the Amazon River Basin. The major populations are mostly concentrated in Guyana, and they like to live in humid tropical forests, dry forests, and even peasant crops and urban areas.

Their breed is very similar to some other Amazon varieties, so the story of their naming, discovery, and status of individual breeds was extremely complex. From that point, the taxonomy of these parrots is called “headache for technologists”.

Overall description

In most cases, not all features are the same as other Amazon varieties. They kept iconic details like robust bodies, briefs, squares, and strong black bikes. Amazon’s distinctive ruffled plumage is easy to spot.

The males and females are identical and both reach an average length of 14 to 15 inches (35 to 38 cm). And with a substantial weight of about one pound (450 grams), you can be sure that these powerful birds will require considerable free space and practice.

Speech and sound

These birds are very smart and mean they can speak very well. Because of these skills, social and vocal behaviors are proposed by the owners – to help them socialize. Yellow Crown Amazon can develop a coarse vocabulary and repeat complex sentences in a clear and loud tone.

But they can also make some noise at certain times of the day or when they feel neglected and bored. Their natural calls are shiny, loud, and often sticky. This may not be the best choice for apartment dwellers.


Their plumage is pretty standard for an Amazon parrot. It is simple, yet elegant and delicate.

Amazon parrots are mostly similar, sharing the same color bases with their own unique details. The same yellow crown is for the Amazon, which gets its name from the prominent yellow patch on the forehead.

The rest of the body is tropical green, with a few small orange details at the tips of the shoulders and wings. However, this simplicity in colors does not result in any dull and unattractive birds – in contrast, these parrots are elegant and contain all refreshing colors.

Their plumage is pretty standard for an Amazon parrot. It is simple, yet elegant and delicate.

yellow crowned amazon

Care and feeding

A nourishing Amazon parrot will require a stable and balanced diet for success. To start, you can get a seed or cone-based mix for Amazon and similar big parrots. It has all the adversities and edges needed that make their diet in the wild. Yellow-crowned Amazon is available for sale in many markets.

In addition, you should regularly supply fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked rice and chicken, to ensure that they receive all the nutrients they need. These foods are not available in the seed mix as a source of treats and vitamins.

Health and general conditions

Amazon parrots are renowned for their adaptability and rigor, and the Yellow Crown Amazon is no different. If you take good care of the environment you are in, they should do well and easily succeed.

You also have to remember that a pet, such as the yellow-crowned Amazon, can be a lifelong commitment and generation companion, thanks to their incredible life that can reach 100 years.

Therefore, you should have a plan for their day-to-day care, as your foster friend has a high probability of leaving you. Check out well before you present yellow-crowned amazon for sale.

With an incredible life that can reach 100 years, these Amazons will become lifelong companions.

Personality and behavior

Their longevity should not worry you, though – you don’t have to spend your whole life with a boring, devious or intolerable companion. For that your wife has all the tricks aside, Yellow Crown Amazon is a great pet. They have a transparent, easy-going personality and a great mix of favorite features in any pet parrot.

Thanks to their good intelligence, they will prove equally fun, sporting, and affectionate. These can be naughty sometimes – but they are all part of the fun.

In general, these parrots form a deep friendship with the people you bond with, knowing their dairy and traits, and gradually falling in love with your silly personality. Who knows, Yellow Crown Amazon might just be the right pet for you.

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