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baby indian runner ducks

Baby Indian runner ducks are cute and productive with a higher growth rate. baby Indian runner ducks are common in nature and abundant in the firms. In this article, I am going to give an overview of baby Indian runner ducks

Baby Indian runner ducks profile

Harking back to bowling pins with beaks and webbed ft, Indian runner geese make easy-care pets that may present pest and weed management across the house in addition to eggs and meat on the kitchen desk.

The geese will just about handle themselves when you have predator-proof acreage for them to roam, however, you need to present supplemental feed to spherical out their weight-reduction plan.

Baby Indian runner duck History

The Baby Indian runner ducks are among the most simply recognizable geese and have all the time been well-liked as a consequence of their allure, putting look and excessive egg manufacturing. It’s the furthest form from the normal Mallard breed.

The Runner arrived within the UK from Asia within the 1850s but it surely has been around for lots longer. It featured within the hieroglyphics of historic Javan temples and is among the descendants of the normal herding geese of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula.

The Baby Indian runner ducks have been used to create new breeds such because the Khaki Campbell. Indian Runners have been voted Omlet\’s favorite duck.


These Baby Indian runner ducks are maybe the closest factor you will get to a Penguin or a strolling wine bottle. You’ll be able to spend many glad hours watching these slender creatures patter around your backyard.

They often want much less water than different varieties and may get by with only a tub of water during which to dunk their heads.

These birds have a superb nature, however could be moderately jumpy on occasions. They’re common when it comes to noise degree.

Feeding Baby Indian runner ducks

Feed your Baby Indian runner ducks starter meals designed for geese or recreation birds — do not feed medicated chick starter, as ducklings react with extra sensitivity than different fowl and anyway have pure immunity to most poultry-yard illnesses.

Ensure that ducklings have water accessible subsequent to their feed, as they should sip water after every mouthful to keep away from choking.

Swap geese to grower ration after age 2 weeks and blend half-and-half with wheat after 5 weeks. Swap to grownup meals at 24 to 26 weeks.

Winter Feeding

In winter, each vegetation and bugs are scarcer. You may have to complement your geese’ weight-reduction plan with grain and recent greens.

Wheat supplies extra protein than corn, making it a really perfect winter meal.

Your Indian runner ducklings will get pleasure from selecting it from underneath the water in case you scatter it in your pond and let it sink to the underside in a shallow space.

It’s also possible to put it in a meal pan full of water so the geese can enter it however rodents will not have the ability to.

Throughout the harsh climate, you may go away a bowl of corn underneath your three-sided shelter to present your geese with additional energy to battle the chilly.

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Take away

The Indian Runner duck is a favorite breed of many individuals. It’s a light-weight duck that matures at about 4 -4.5 lbs for the drake and three half – 4 lbs for the hen duck.

The famous characteristic is a protracted and glossy physique with an upright carriage.

They’re an excellent egg-laying selection with the Fawn and White Runner being the preferred color of duck. They’re native to Malaysia and this duck doesn’t waddle, they run.

Admitted into the American Customary of Perfection in 1898, they’re very energetic and continuously seek vegetation and bugs to eat. They have got a powerful flock intuition and startle simply.

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