24 Reasons Why Did My Chickens Stop Laying Eggs

why did my chickens stop laying eggs

Why did my chickens stop laying eggs? Did you exit to your coop this morning solely to search out no eggs? Irritating, isn’t it? Here are the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

It additionally makes us fearful when the chicken doesn’t lay an egg. So, is it severe? What can we do about it?

Why Did My Chickens Stop Laying Eggs?

The reply to the query varies. Thankfully, more often than not when chickens cease laying it’s due to minor issues that may be simply mounted.

Take coronary heart! Your valuable hen will hopefully be again to laying these scrumptious eggs very quickly.

1. Was Your Hen Ever Laying?

Hens normally don’t start to put till around 6 months previously. This could range from relying on the breed.

Heavier birds could begin laying later than 6 months whereas lighter-weight breeds could begin laying earlier.

Our first set of chickens had been Rhode Island Reds. They didn’t start laying until nearly Eight months previously. Once we invested in Dominiques, they began laying at around 4-5 months.

A few of you might be studying this and pondering, “I do know my hen was laying!” However, actually, in case you have a number of chickens, typically it’s exhausting to maintain up with who laid what.

Be sure you’re not you are worrying over nothing. For those who aren’t 100% certain your hen was laying to start with, hold an in-depth eye over the following few weeks.

If she isn’t displaying every other sign then possibly she wasn’t actually laying within the first place.

2. Monitor the pure cycle of molting

It’s fairly pure for chickens to molt throughout the autumn months, reminiscent of March by way of to Might in Australia, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

It is a pure course that causes all chickens to shed their feathers, as their physique prepares itself to develop much more full and delightful plumage.

Over these months your laying hens will look barely haggard and world-weary, nevertheless, let me reassure you that that is a completely pure and important part of being a rooster.

One of many necessary factors to notice is that in this time that you must be vigilant and make sure that your laying hens are getting a balanced weight-reduction plan of protein (rooster feed) and calcium (shell grit).

Different treats, like yogurt, berries, and porridge won’t go astray both, as they typically comprise useful nutritional vitamins and vitamins that can assist your laying hens by way of this typically tough time.

The upside is that if your laying hens proceed to put after their molt it’s possible that your chickens with lay bigger eggs.

So, don’t despair when your laying hens begin to molt, simply take a look at it as if your chickens are upgrading their egg maker.

It’s simply one thing they do on a yearly foundation. It normally occurs across the identical time because the seasons change.

When winter hits and day gentle decreases, molt comes on. Which means that they lose their previous feathers and develop new ones. The molt can be a time when their bodies rejuvenate.

The necessary issues to learn about molting are:

• Egg laying ceases.
• The chickens are prone to sickness throughout this time as a result of their bodies are attempting to rejuvenate.
• Your chickens will look loopy as a result of they normally determine to all molt directly!

Your chickens undergo molt. It’s pure and a course of their our bodies want.

For those who completely don’t want them to go in molt, you’ll be able to add synthetic lighting to their coop.

This retains them from molting. Nonetheless, be suggested that when synthetic gentle is added after which eliminated, your chickens will molt at spontaneous instances all year long.

3. Lack of nutrition

To place it in barely inelegant terms- fats chickens won’t lay eggs, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

There may be the false notion between some well-meaning rooster lovers {that a} fats and completely happy rooster could the truth is producing bigger and extra delicious eggs, nevertheless it is a complete fallacy.

Chubby laying hens, usually talking, are fairly unhealthy and their bodies won’t be capable to perform as they’d in the event that they had been on the appropriate weight stage.

So, just remember to solely give your laying hens the fitting sorts of treats, in addition to sustaining a balanced weight-reduction plan of rooster feed, shell grit, and loads of water.

4. Not sufficient time within the solar

Not all first-time chook homeowners know that laying hens want loads of day out within the sunshine, in any other case they’re unable to supply their eggs, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

That is because of the truth that there’s a gland that exists behind their eyes, which in response to daylight produces sure sorts of hormones that cues the rooster’s physique to start egg production- that’s a quite simple method of explaining it.

Usually talking laying hens require roughly 14-16 hours of daylight so as to produce eggs.

That is why it’s so necessary for your laying hens to be set free of the coop early within the morning in order that they will lap up the solar.

The Auto Door is an ideal answer in case you’re somebody who prefers to remain on a mattress at six within the morning.

Naturally, throughout seasons reminiscent of autumn and winter when there are lowered daytime, chickens could start to put much less or cease completely.

Some breeders rectify this by introducing warmth lamps and synthetic gentle simulators, nevertheless, that is left to the discretion of the proprietor, as some extra natural farmers don’t really feel comfy enjoying the rooster’s biorhythms.

5. Improper Weight loss plan

When your hens have stopped laying, the weight-reduction plan is the very first thing you need to look at, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

Chickens want entry to contemporary, clear water all day lengthy. A scarcity of water for even an hour on a sizzling day can disrupt the laying cycle. Within the winter, make sure that to maintain your hen’s water from freezing.

It’s necessary to additionally ensure you’re feeding your flock a top-quality layer feed and guarantee every hen is getting sufficient to eat daily.

Even the perfect treats, together with rooster scratch, must be fed sparingly as they will actually pack on the kilos without providing a lot of diets, sort of like your favorite snacks!

6. Is She Too old to Lay?

Possibly your rooster is the polar reverse of what we have simply mentioned, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

Possibly the previous lady is getting up in age, and you might be noticing she simply isn’t laying like she used to. That’s okay. Yearly, a rooster’s egg manufacturing will reduce.

Chickens can dwell as much as 8-10 years in age. By the point, they attain this age, although, they’re hardly ever laid.

That is the place it will get tough. Some folks solely elevate chickens for eggs. Some get somewhat hooked up to their chickens and don’t care in the event that they give up laying due to age. You will have choices for both methods.

For those who notice your loved one hen has stopped laying due to her age, then it’s time to decide.

In case your rooster is extra like a pet, then you definitely may determine to maintain her round till she dies naturally.

Those who love her, however, simply can’t afford to maintain an animal that isn’t giving again any longer than there are rooster retirement properties.

For those who love your rooster, however, aren’t fairly as emotionally hooked up then it could be time to butcher her.

7. Choose the fitting Breeds

This may appear somewhat apparent, however, some chickens are superb layers whereas others are simply so-so producers, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

Relying on your hen’s breed may clarify why you aren’t getting eggs from her any longer.

Street Island Reds, Sexlinks, and White Leghorns are only a few breeds identified for being wonderful layers whereas different chickens like Dominiques and Jersey Giants are much less identified for his or her laying abilities. This is a listing of 10 rooster breeds that are perfect at laying eggs.

Do your analysis. Use websites like Google to search out out what your breed of rooster normally produces, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

In case your hen is a Street Island Pink however she is not laying as many as anticipated, then you’ll know that she in all probability has an issue.

Nonetheless, in case you have one other breed reminiscent of a Jersey Big, and you understand that she isn’t displaying every other sign, then possibly she simply isn’t producing as many eggs due to her breed.

Jersey Giants, one other instance, are nice twin objective birds for meat and eggs. But, they won’t produce as a many as other breeds of chickens.

8. Change of environment, home or mates

Generally, once you add new chickens to your flock, your extra seasoned layers will cease laying. It throws them by way of a jolt including new members to their family, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

This could make good sense to anybody that has ever gone by way of analogous expertise.

Consider it as a blended household. Anybody that has ever blended two households or adopted a baby is aware of how tough it’s beginning out discovering the brand new “rhythm” of the family.

Chickens actually aren’t that a lot of a special. It takes some time for them to determine the place everybody’s house is. As soon as they get issues found out, they’ll return to laying.

The identical factor applies in case you have just lately moved your chickens. Possibly your loved ones moved to a brand new neighborhood, or possibly you simply moved your chickens’ coop throughout the yard. In both methods, chickens are creatures of routine.

Something that throws off that routine can, in the end, make it to the place they cease laying for a couple of days at a time.

All you are able to do in these situations is to apply some persistence. It shouldn’t take your chickens quite a lot of days to get adjusted and determine all the things out.

Throughout this time, in case you’ve added new members to their family, they’ll want to ascertain a brand new pecking order and routine, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

For those who’ve moved their coop throughout the city or throughout the yard, it can take your chickens a couple of days to determine their new environment.

As soon as they turn out to be familiarized with all the things once more, they’ll return to laying.

9. The Summertime Blues

Hens love daylight. It requires 16 hours of daylight for them to put an egg, normally, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

So when the winter rears its head, don’t be shocked in case your chickens don’t lay as many eggs.

Hens are actually humorous animals. The rooster normally crows because the solar is arising (or possibly somewhat earlier.)

Hens aren’t early risers, although. This was stunning to me once I first began maintaining chickens. They don’t hassle flying down off of the roost till the solar is up.

In the course of the winter, this implies they don’t rise almost as early. This additionally implies that they go to bed a lot earlier due to how early evening falls.

In case your chickens aren’t laying and it’s wintertime, don’t be alarmed. They aren’t awake lengthy sufficient for his or her bodies to supply an egg.

If you’re fortunate, you may need a couple of devoted layers that provide you with an egg every few days. If not, you may need to purchase your eggs throughout the winter months.

Okay, so possibly you might be like me and abhor having to purchase something that you would be able to produce in your yard.

10. Hens Want Protein Shakes

Chickens are like us in some methods. Their bodies should have the correct diet to perform as they need to, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

So that you in all probability should not begin giving your chickens protein shakes, however they do want lots of protein. In case your hens aren’t laying make sure they’re getting sufficient protein. They’ll get a big dose of protein by way of layer pellets.

If you’re giving them layer pellets and nonetheless aren’t seeing their manufacturing improve then strive to give them excessive protein treats like pumpkin seeds or mealworms.

Chickens want protein. Now we have already acknowledged you’ll be able to obtain this by way of excessive protein treats and laying pellets.

That must be sufficient, proper? Not all the time. The opposite element to a correct weight-reduction plan is grit and water.

Chickens want grit to assist them in the course of their meals. Make sure they’re getting sufficient.

In addition, they want a number of contemporary water. Chickens like to gulp water. I’ve tried the flowery rooster waterers. In case your chickens are proud of them, then carry on keepin’ on.

If not, change. I’ve discovered {that a} 2.5-gallon bucket with contemporary water makes for some completely happy chickens. They’ll gulp it and a number of chickens can drink directly. Make sure to dump it every day.

11. Chickens Wish to Stare into the Fridge

They prefer to see a full cupboard. Even once they aren’t hungry, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs?

Don’t act such as you don’t mosey over to the fridge around bedtime, not likely hungry, however simply to stare at it and to see if something may tempt you or simply for reassurance that your fridge is stocked.

It brings peace to your abdomen to see that there’s a lot there to stuff it full tomorrow. Effectively, your chickens are the identical method.

They need to know that they’ve loads of meals. In any other case, they’ll begin assuming that they could starve.

They reroute vitamins of their physique to maintain them from ravenous which in flip stops them from laying eggs. That’s fairly neat that they will do this, proper?

Go away an ample quantity of meals of their coop. Even when they don’t eat all of it, that’s okay. It’s a fixed reminder to their little rooster brains that they aren’t going to starve, life is nice, and to maintain on laying eggs!

We hold a big automated feeder in the midst of our rooster coop. All of them begin gathering around it questioning if it’s going to be refilled. These are the moments I’m certain to cease what I’m doing and make their little day by refilling it.

Why Did My Chickens Stop Laying Eggs

12. Time to Call ‘Merry-Maids’

You could have somebody that goes around your homestead and cleans all the things up for you, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

In that case, you might be one lucky soul! If the nesting materials just aren’t clear, then they won’t lay in it.

Now, anybody that has had chickens for any size of time is aware {that a} sleeping rooster is a pooping rooster.

Generally, chickens sleep in their nesting packing containers. This doesn’t imply you need to go in and dump all of that nesting materials every single morning. That may get costly. So what do you do?

Make sure a couple of times every week you empty out the chickens’ nesting packing containers. It must be fully dumped and refilled with good nesting materials.

You need to use a straw, wooden shavings, and even shredded paper. My new favorite nesting materials are pine shavings.

It retains its nests smelling contemporary, and my women appear to adore it. It’s nice at absorbing all issues gross and maintaining their nesting packing containers somewhat neat till the next time.

13. Mama Hen

Chickens are not going to lay when they’re being broody, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

This means that your rooster has laid a clutch (a full nest) and is able to set her eggs. They won’t lay throughout this time.

How have you learned in case your rooster is being broody?

• She is going to set her eggs all day and never depart the nesting field.
• She is going to turn out to be very protective of her eggs and never let something or anybody close to them.
• She is going to pull her breast feathers to present heat to her eggs.

In case your rooster has to turn out to be broody be very grateful! She simply saved you the price of an incubator and goes to develop your flock for you.

A broody hen is a treasure and could be very uncommon. Out of all the chickens we now have raised, I’ve but to have one that can set her eggs.

This will decrease the number of contemporary eggs you get for a time frame however in the long term it’s a big assist.

14. Name the Physician

In case your hen just isn’t laying, it could be time to search for indicators of sickness, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

That is tough as a result of the place chickens are preyed upon they don’t present indicators of sickness if in any respect potential.

In case your hen is displaying indicators it’s sensible to hunt out a veterinarian that would assist her.

One of the many greatest issues in maintaining chickens is ‘hen flu.’ This may be unfolded from hen to humans. For those who suspect that your rooster has it, don’t delay and name the vet.

You’ll then have to name your county agent to have your birds examined and the correct authorities notified that there was the truth in a case in your county.

Generally, chickens get respiratory viruses that don’t hen flu. We had a horrible case that worn out a big part of our flock this 12 months. Chickens don’t get colds. They get respiratory viruses.

It appears to be like they have got a runny nostril and so they start to gurgle or snore. As quickly as you hear the primary snore, quarantine the rooster.

Most individuals say that you need to cull any of the birds that catch a respiratory virus. We didn’t cull ours. Those that made it have gone again to laying.

When your birds get sick all you are able to do is search for medical therapy. There are some pure methods to treatment respiratory viruses in chickens.

An important first step is to make certain it’s only a common virus and never ‘hen flu’. After hen flu has been dominated out then that you must quarantine the sick chickens.

Feed them a number of contemporary herbs, put ACV of their water with garlic, and supply them as many tremendous meals as they are going to eat.

It’s all about boosting their immune techniques. You then simply have to attend till their bodies heal, and so they return to laying.

As talked about, sickness typically coincides with molt. So pay additional shut consideration to your chickens throughout the early winter months.

15. There may be sn Egg — It is Simply Caught

Chickens will get eggs caught in instances. That is known as egg binding. What it means is that your rooster actually has an egg caught, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

This occurs when your rooster has a calcium deficiency, a small pelvis, or is attempting to move a big, misshapen egg.

There are methods to assist your rooster when they’re in this predicament. If the rooster can not move the egg, it could possibly result in demise.

You may contact your vet and see if giving the rooster an injection of calcium would assist.

Inserting your rooster in heat water and massaging her may assist her muscle tissue to calm down so she will be able to launch the egg.

You possibly can additionally apply lubrication to make the passing of the egg somewhat simpler for her.

16. Coop Isn’t Large Sufficient for All of Us

Chickens don’t require quite a lot of house, however, they nonetheless want their house, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

You probably have too many chickens in a single coop, your hens are not going to lay. How a lot of houses a rooster wants will depend on upon if they’re free to vary or cooped.

You solely want about three or Four sq. toes of the house for free vary rooster. They may spend most of their time out within the yard, in order that they solely want their house for sleeping.

You probably have cooped birds, then they are going to want about 10 sq. toes of the house per rooster.

On this occasion, you’ll both have to construct a coop with a satisfactory house for your chickens or again down on the variety of chickens you retain.

Your birds will probably be a lot happier if given the correct dwelling house. And everybody is aware that completely happy hens are completely happy layers!

17. Excessive Climate

Extraordinarily sizzling climate and very chilly climate may cause a lower in egg manufacturing to your hens, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

To fight this, attempt to make them as comfy as potential by insulating the coop in winter. Hold them cool and equipped with loads of water in the summertime.

You too can give your chickens some scrumptious rooster treats to enhance their well-being and nicely-being when the climate will get robust.

Sizzling oatmeal with fruit within the winter or different winter rooster treats will probably be a lot appreciated and in the summertime chickens simply love frozen fruit!

18. Change in Season

As summertime strikes into fall, the lower in daylight indicators the rooster’s physique to put much fewer eggs, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

Chickens naturally take a break in laying eggs within the winter and hens can decelerate to at least one egg per week or stop laying all collectively.

We right here at Yard Rooster Undertaking firmly imagine giving our beloved hens a lot wanted to lay break within the winter, however, each rooster keeper has their very own views on this subject.

For those who don’t need to enable your hens a laying break, you’ll be able to artificially gentle the coop within the winter.

19. Proper Age

We’ve discovered this to be the worst motive that chickens cease laying eggs, as a result of there’s no fixing it, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

Similar to females of any kind, feminine chicks hatch with solely a sure variety of ova in them.

As soon as these ova have all remodeled into eggs and been laid, that’s it, they’re gone and there won’t be any extra.

This could occur at any time, however, most hens attain this level of their life around two or three years of age.

Common laying hens will start to supply fewer eggs as soon as they’re 72 weeks previous. They’ll proceed to put for one, two, possibly even three extra years, however, the eggs will step by step turn out to be fewer and fewer.

At the finish of the day, there isn’t a method from stopping laying hens from getting older however that doesn’t imply you need to cease loving them.

Now we have some hens which are 6 years previous and nonetheless lay eggs once in a while, however, have largely stopped manufacturing. They’re simply having fun with their retirement at this level!

20. Sickness

Hens will cease laying eggs when they’re in poor health. In case your hen stops laying unexpectedly, watch her rigorously for indicators of sickness, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

For those who spot any of those indicators of sickness, make sure to separate her from the remainder of the flock and provides her some TLC.

We prefer to hold a folding rabbit cage readily available simply in case we have to separate chickens for any motive.

Whereas chickens are within the sickbay they obtain straightforward-to-eat meals like yogurt and scrambled eggs and we put electrolytes and nutritional vitamins of their water.

We’ve had many hens get well from sickness and damage this manner.

There is a complete host of illnesses that laying hens can catch will typically end in some horrible signs, which usually feature a discount in egg manufacturing. Illness includes avian leukosis, lymphoid leukosis, and coccidiosis.

Most illnesses will typically end in your rooster experiencing an interval of diarrhea, which is characterized by extra mess across the rooster’s vent.

As soon as once more, within the occasion you discover any typical indicators of signs, which might embody uncharacteristic discount in eggs, please contact your native VET.

21. Frequent Indicators of Illness in Hens:

Drop-in energy stage
Refusing to depart the coop
Droopy tail
Glassy, watery, or droopy eyes
Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, gasping
Vent discharge

22. Stress

Chickens can turn out to be harassed very simply. Like several animals, stress impacts rooster physiology and may result in a lower laying, which is one of the answers to why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

Attempt to hold your hens stress-free by avoiding swift adjustments of their setting, defending them from predators, and maintaining them comfy year-round.

Chickens could seem to be tranquil creatures however throughout the laying season they’re delicate and neurotic artists who want complete focus, in any other case they won’t be capable to produce their eggs.

There are issues that may trigger your laying hens to really feel distressed and distracted, reminiscent of untamed canine, over-excitable youngsters, predators, and enthusiastic homeowners who could be sticking their beaks into the nesting packing containers too regularly.

Moreover, shifting your laying hens to a brand new coop or introducing new chooks to the flock may stress your chickens out, which in flip will inhibit them from laying.

It’s a good suggestion to delay any main adjustments that can immediately alarm your laying hens to a time of 12 months once you don’t count on them to be laying anyway.

In any other case, you may miss out on the abundance of contemporary eggs that usually rain aplenty although spring.

23. Frequent Stressors for Chickens:

Latest predator assaults/predator close by
Shifting to a brand new coop
Excessive climate
Including or dropping chickens

24. Pests

Pests are one of the crucial irritating issues you’ll be able to have in terms of elevating chickens. The commonest pests you’ll encounter within the rooster coop are lice and mites.

When chickens endure from an infestation of lice or mites they are going to decelerate or cease laying eggs, which is one of the answers why did my chickens stop laying eggs.

It’s a good suggestion to do routine flock checks each month to verify they aren’t riddled with pests.

Test your hens completely for these pests, they have a tendency to congregate below wings and across the vent.

Make sure to examine the chickens always of day, as some pests are solely lively in the evening. In case your chickens are affected by pests, it’s finest to catch the difficulty as quickly as potential!

So, as you’ll be able to see, there are quite a lot of causes hens to cease laying eggs. A few of them are in your management, and a few aren’t.

Eliminating stress, checking for pests, and ensuring your birds are completely happy and wholesome are the primary steps to take when your nesting packing containers all of a sudden go empty!

It might be an indication your chickens are struggling with mites and lice

For those who’re nonetheless uncertain what could be inflicting your chickens to cease laying you might need to think about taking your laying hens for a check-up on the VET.

Firstly although, examine to see if there are any mites or lice inside that coop or on their pores and skin that could be inflicting them misery.

For those who do discover some mites or lice merely clear out the coop and think about giving your chickens a wash, in any other case the mites will proceed to torment your poor women, and also you won’t be capable to get pleasure from their delicious eggs.

Take away

More often than not laying hens stop to supply eggs briefly or completely for plenty of pure causes, reminiscent of age, season, or molting.

Although many people want our laying hens would prepare dinner up scrumptious eggs for us for a lot of, a few years, this sadly is seldom the case.

The very best factor you are able to do is calm down, settle for the fact and present gratitude to your laying hens, which have labored very exhausting for you for 72 weeks or extra to arrange incredible, nutritious, and scrumptious eggs for you.

One strategy to hold your laying hens’ stress ranges to a minimum is to make sure that they have a protected and robust coop, just like the Taj Mahal, Penthouse, or Mansion. Inside these rooster coop castles typically exist the happiest chickens that lay the tastiest eggs.

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