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black crested duck

Characteristic Black Crested Duck includes a topknot of feathers on the again of their head. Black Crested Duck is a medium-sized and well-balanced duck with a horizontal posture, quick neck, and enormous head.

Black Crested Duck profile

They arrive in pure white with orange invoice and toes, or pure black with darkish grey bill and toes. Black Crested Duck has blue eyes.

A strong, pale mottled greyish-brown duck with a pronounced occipital crest. The Crested Duck is a detailed relative of the Bronze-winged Duck Speculanas specularis.

Now included within the tribe Anatini, crested black Swedish duck had been described by Delacour as a hyperlink between dabblers and the shelducks, tribe Tadornini.

The species provides a mix of the traits of each tribe. The particular identify, specularoides, pertains to the intense metallic speculum, which could be very seen in flight.

Their pure diet for Black Crested Duck is especially animal materials, resembling mollusks, and crustacea. They have a protracted breeding season, probably 2 or three clutches.

Crested black Swedish ducks are thought-about to be “dabbling geese” – they swim and feed on the floor of the water, hardly ever making dives to get at meals additional down.

Nevertheless when meals aren’t available on the floor Crested Ducks will make a shallow dive to hunt mollusks, crustaceans, bugs, and bug larvae.

Black Crested Duck Description

Crested Ducks are medium-sized home geese. A Crested Duck’s most outstanding characteristic is the tuft of feathers on the prime of its head.

Black Crested Duck Size

Black Crested Duck males weigh about 7 kilos and females are barely smaller, weighing about 6 kilos.


One cause geese are in a position to keep afloat within the water is due to air sacs of their bodies that improve their buoyancy.

Black Crested Duck feathers lure air in between them, which is one other adaptation that helps them to drift. Their feathers are additionally coated with a water-resistant substance that retains the Black Crested Duck heat and dry.

Black Crested Ducks’ webbed toes enable them to maneuver simply within the water.

Many geese are wonderful fliers as a consequence of their streamlined bodies, highly effective wings, and hole bones that weigh a lot lower than the stable bones of mammals.

Though Black Crested Duck is poor fliers as a consequence of their giant, heavy bodies, they do have robust wings and hole bones which might be frequent to different varieties of geese.

Ducks don’t have a tooth, however, they do have bumpy edges on their payments that assist them to filter meals out of the water.

Meals are then swallowed and floor up within the gizzard, part of the abdomen that accommodates small rocks for breaking down meals.

black crested duck

Black Crested Duck Diet

The ducks at Cosley Zoo are fed commercially ready duck meal pellets.


Crested Ducks lay 9-13 eggs at a time. The eggshells are white or blue in color. Duck eggs incubate for 27 or 28 days earlier than hatching.

Shelter and Space Needs

Home geese require shelter from the wind and rain, entry to meals and water, and fencing to maintain them contained.

Crested Geese require solely a low fence as a consequence of their restricted flight capacity. The geese at Cosley Zoo are saved on a pond surrounded by bushes and shrubs that function as shelter.

Black Crested Duck Life Expectancy

Home geese saved as pets dwell a mean of 8-12 years.

The Crested Duck is a home duck that may be raised for each meat and eggs.

Fun Details

Not the entire offspring of Crested Geese have crests themselves. Solely about half of the offspring are created.

The water within the Cosley Zoo duck pond typically appears to be inexperienced, however, that’s not as a result of its soiled!

The inexperienced dye that we put in there helps to dam daylight, which retains algae from taking on the pond.

A bunch of geese known as a brace.

A male duck is known as a drake and younger geese are known as ducklings.

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