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A Buff Orpington is a British breed of chicken. It was born in Kent, southeast England in the late nineteenth century, William Cook of Orpington. It should have been observed for both dual-purpose varieties, eggs, and meat, but the exclusive show soon turned into a bird.

Buff-Orpington chicken was born in England and was recognized by the APA as a pure chicken breed in 2002. This “Golden Chicken Beauties” is a cool, temperamental chicken. Buffy Orpington chicken is one of the best chicken for eggs and meat.

A year ago at our Hamilton County Fair, a poultry judge was asked to describe the correct plumage color for this breed. Taking out the gold watch, he said, “This is the color for buff Orpington” “and pure gold is a symbol of great value and high quality. Known from England in the late 1800s, they became one of the most popular farm birds in the country.

They are white-skinned, thick and juicy, a nice eating bird. They have heavy, full plumage. Winter layers make them great cool layers, spreading brown eggs through the cold weather.

They also make great setters and mothers. These “golden beauties” are one of our most popular varieties for years and years with their shiny plumage and pinkish-white skin. The filtrate is a soft light buff color.


The original Black Orpington was bred in 1886 by William Cook to create a new hybrid bird that crossed the Minorcas, Lanshans and Plymouth Rocks.

Cook has selected a blackbird that will display London’s dirt and scissors well. When the breed was shown at Madison Square Garden in 1895, its popularity increased. Cook Orpington also bred ducks.

The original colors are black, white, buff, blue, and splash c [citation needed] Although there are many additional variations recognized around the world, only the original colors are recognized by American standards, the buff is the most common color.

By the beginning of the 20th century, Hermann Kuhn of Germany developed the Bantam varieties. Bantam retains the presence of full-sized birds but in smaller sizes.

The Bantam version has a variety of colors including Black, Blue Laced, White, Buff, Red, Buff Black Laced, Bared, Buff Colombian, and Birchen. The Bantam Standard breed retains a friendly personality and rarely or never flies.

In the UK dedicated to the UK, the Orpington Club was merged with the Orpington Bantam Club in 1979. The United Orpington Club is the American Breeder’s Club and the Orpington Club is the Australian Club for this breed.

buff orpington chicken breed


There are two similar but different values ​​for Orpington. The first was published by the Poultry Club in Great Britain and asked for weights ranging from 6.60 to 1.55 kg for chicken and 2.5.70 to 6.60 kg for chicken.

They also ask for a less bulky, bulky, wide body that has fluffy feathers that make it look bigger; From the body to the bottom covers most of the legs. Other features of their Orpington are a curved shape with a short back and U-shaped underlines and a small head with a medium single grip.

A Buff Orpington Use

Orpington lays about 175 to 200 medium to large light-brown eggs a year.

It was said that at one time Orpington was able to lay 340 eggs per year. This decrease in production was due to breeders opting for more exploration than utilities.

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