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crested duckling

Nesting ducks are discovered nearly all year long, relying on location throughout the vary of crested ducklings. Within the excessive elevations of the Andes, energetic nests may be discovered all through the summer season from October to April.

Crested Duckling facts

The season is shorter in Patagonia and the Falklands, with nests discovered from September to January. Two broods per yr are frequent, however, three might happen as properly.

Nests are on the bottom, near water, and normally constructed amongst grass or ferns for diminished visibility.

Eggs are cream-colored, and a clutch might have from five to eight eggs. The incubation interval lasts about 30 days.

Solely the feminine incubates the eggs, however, males play a vital position within the Crested Duckling’s early growth.

Crested Geese are monogamous and mating pairs exhibit excessive ranges of cooperation which permit the species to dwell in proximity to different species resembling gulls and skuas.

Historical past

The crests that Crested Ducks are named for are a genetic mutation, which is discovered in lots of strains of geese breeds descending from wild mallards.

If two Crested Ducks are bred collectively, the ensuing offspring might or might not have crests.

Additionally, one ought to word that the crest gene is usually accompanied, sadly, with a deadly gene that may trigger loss of life to the embryo contained in the egg.

Nonetheless, this is not at all times the case, and lots of breedings work out effectively producing wholesome, crested ducklings.

Crested Geese have been admitted into the APA in 1874, and Black Cresteds have been acknowledged in 1977.


They appear like they’re carrying little bonnets! The White Crested is a basic duck breed, having information of its existence as early as 1660 resulting from its presence in work by the Dutch painter Jan Steen.

Later, different Dutch painters additionally included this breed of duck in their work. The Crested duck was admitted into the American Registry in 1874.

The White Crested weighs 6-7.25 lbs and is a superb breeder

The feminine lays 100-130 additional massive, largely white eggs laying 80-90 grams per yr.

A small proportion could also be tinted, blue, or inexperienced.

The women and men are fully white together with the crest on their heads, and so they have blue eyes, yellow payments, and light-weight orange shanks and toes.

Not all White Crested hatch with a crest however we solely promote those that do, and though we solely have White Crested breeders, we sometimes hatch different crested geese such because the Blue Swedish, Rouen, or Buff. Any breed with a crest may be proven within the Crested class. 

Crested Duckling will absolutely combine with all the opposite breeds that we provide.

If you’d like purebred Crested Duckling hatching out of your geese, be sure to separate your geese by breed throughout the mating season.

Or you’ll be able to let your geese cross and see what totally different shapes and colors you’re going to get with their ducklings.

crested duckling

Hatching March to July.

Crested Geese are a conventional and outdated breed of duck. Crested Geese function as a topknot of feathers on the again of their head. They’re medium-sized and well-balanced ducks with a horizontal posture, a brief neck, and a huge head.

They arrive in pure white with orange invoice and toes, or pure black with darkish grey invoice and toes. White Crested Geese have blue eyes.

The Crested Duckling has brown eyes and their coloring has a lustrous inexperienced sheen. Crested Geese have been the topic of work courting again to the 1600s.

Breeders are providing these Crested Duckling in White or Black.

You can even select our economical Hatchery Selection if the color would not matter or you can’t determine which color you need extra.

While you selected Hatchery Selection, we are going to ship you no matter the colors we occur to have readily available in the meanwhile. You might obtain each white and blacks or all of 1 color.

Development of Crested Duckling

Crested Ducks are conventional, utilitarian farm geese. They lay properly, normally over 100 eggs per yr.

They don’t seem to be tremendous quick rising, and they don’t get extraordinarily massive, however, they’re good meat birds with flavorful, high-quality meat. They’re largely raised for decorative and exhibition functions.


Crested Geese is usually a bit nervous and aloof. However they don’t seem to be aggressive, and so they get alongside very properly with different birds.

They’re additionally hardy and straightforward to handle, making them an ideal addition to any yard or homestead flock.

Conservation Standing: Not acknowledged.

Weight: Younger Male 6 lbs, Young Female 5 lbs.

APA Class: Medium Duck

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