Harz Roller Canary – Singing Price For Sale

Harz Roller Canary

Harz Roller is the name of a breed of domestic canary bred in the Upper Harz mountains of Germany. The Herz Roller Museum has been in crisis in Andersberg since the 20th century.

By breeding the patient, the Harz Roller canary was able to create a species that was a very lovely, harmonious song, distributed with a variety of sounds and a distinctly closed chin. Different types of canaries can breed with each other, most notably the Herze Roller and the Spanish Timbrado.

Harz Roller Canary is a species of song canary that was made in the Herz mountain region of Germany. It is considered a “song” canary, meaning it is not a breed, appearance or unusual color for singing. The rollers sing small birds that chop off their screams

Their song is very soft and has the least amount of any canary variety. These catchy little birds have been rewarded for centuries for their sweet songs. Not many know, the German roller canaries are not only proficient in song, they have duplicated!

Male German roller canaries tend to sing better than women’s canaries. Men, however, may be regional and should not be kept together in the same cage. Some people who particularly enjoy the song of the roller canaries put two men in different cages (never together) – because everyone will try to “outsource” the contestants.

When displaying the German roller canaries they are usually shown a “party” of four birds which enhances the whole experience of their song!

German Roller Canaries

Harz Roller Canary of the Minor

This popular breed of Harz Roller canary was an important secondary occupation for breeding and selling miners, such as making bird cages. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the breeding and sale of these canaries expanded.

Contrary to the widespread legend, birds were not used to indicate the presence of carbon monoxide in mines; They were very valuable. The Herz Miners used captive wild birds for that purpose.

The birds were used as a precautionary measure against the used air (German: Matt Waiter), that is, to indicate the presence of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and low levels of oxygen in the surrounding air. The canaries were especially good for this purpose as they reacted very quickly to carbon monoxide, unlike finches, pigeons, and rats.

The mouse will not have the reaction to noticing as long as the concentration of carbon monoxide in 0.77% concentration in the air is 70 minutes, but a canary will drop from its perch after less than 2.5 minutes at a concentration of 0.29%. For this reason, canaries were not used only in normal operations, especially to protect rescue units in case of an accident.

Red factor canary Harz Roller Bird Yellow canary Finch

The chickens were less suitable for sale, as only Cooks was able to sing the popular song as part of their casting behavior. Since only a few chickens were needed for breeding, these birds as well as the rest of the birds could be used as a precaution in the mine.

There should be toys to make sure the cage birds are happy

Regularly supply and swap out to avoid the annoyance (which can lead to aggression and feathering).

Toys must be made securely (no sharp edges or claws of a bird can be clipped to any part).

Except for the breeding season, most men keep men and women in separate cages. When purchasing a pet Harz Roller canary, great care should be taken to ensure the correct mix of the sexes in a cage. An errant bird can attack each other, even killing one another.

In general, pet canaries in the same cage are generally not appreciated by the company. They will be seen as intruders, not as companions. Subsequent conflict may result in injury or even death.

A male and a female have a better chance of being friendly side by side, but always the less dominant bird eventually dies. Because of this, the dominant bird will feel the need to continually ‘monitor’ the less dominant bird. It will never be able to eat, sleep or drink in peace, and eventually, the stress will have its effect.

Female Canary

If a bird is present in the house and a coworker is purchased, it must be kept in a separate cage for at least two weeks – both for separation and to ensure that the birds are accustomed to each other; The new bird can be introduced slowly to ensure no fighting takes place.

If introduced this way, a man and a woman can often become reasonably good, but they should not be allowed to stay together all year long. Everyone should be allowed some privacy – from the middle of the season until the start of the spring breeding season.

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The two men will rarely be happy together, though keeping them permanently in a separate cage will encourage them to compete with the other men, requesting them to sing more than they should.

But a good recording of the Canary song will work equally well. The cage that is with several males can work until a female is present. But again, they should not be expected to live in peace all year long and each should be separated into separate cages for at least the spring/summer breeding season.

Male canaries can mimic sounds such as telephone ring tones and doorbell beams, but only when they hear these sounds at a young age. Harz Roller Canaries can be taught tricks over time, but they require great patience as they are enduring birds.


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  1. I’m a Brazilian breeder and I would like to buy a quartet of Harzer-Roller canaries. (Plus females) — I know that color doesn’t matter but I do prefer yellow.

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