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Aylesbury duckling

The Aylesbury duckling, with its cute outlook, is a superior meat breed when grown up. The mature males weighing around ten kilos and mature females, 9 kilos. In this article, I am going to talk about Aylesbury ducklings, care, etc.

Aylesbury duckling Historical past

The Aylesbury, just like the Orpington, is known as after the place of its creation, the Vale of Aylesbury, England.

The birds the place initially referred to as the White English, however by the early 1800s the Aylesbury duck was so well-known that the birds grew to become often known as the Aylesbury.

Their breeding success was believed to return from a useful provide of white gravel discovered within the native streams which gave the birds their pale pink payments.

The birds had been bred within the ‘Duck Finish’ of the city usually in people’s cottages.

Some would even take their geese to bed to ensure that they had been heated. When going to market the geese had been usually walked from Aylesbury to London, a distance of some 40 miles.

This took a number of days and their ft can be protected by masking of tar and sawdust, which was re-applied each morning.

By the 1850s Aylesbury city’s market dominance declined because the city develops into industrialized and new sanitary laws made duck rearing in cottages troublesome.


Younger Aylesbury geese will attain the slaughter weight of roughly 5 kilos in seven to 9 weeks and, as a result of they don’t seem to be notably lively foragers, will fatten greatest if fed concentrated feed.

It’s the meat breed of selection in England, most popular over the Pekin favored in America, as a result of its flesh is taken into account extra flavorful.

Females will lay 35-125 reasonably sized, white, or tinted inexperienced eggs yearly, with one main breeder, Frank Reese, Jr., stating that his birds persistently lay close to the excessive finish of this vary.

The Aylesbury duck has pure white plumage, white pores, and skin, (a novel attribute since most geese have yellow pores and skin) orange ft and legs, darkish grayish-blue eyes, and an unusually lengthy, straight pinkish-white invoice.

It has a protracted physique, horizontal carriage, and a characteristically straight, deep keel that almost reaches the bottom.

The Aylesbury is described as “sluggish shifting, and exceptionally tame.

There are two forms of Aylesbury — exhibition and utility. The exhibition fowl has a really deep keel which makes it troublesome for this sort to efficiently mate naturally.

The utility sort Aylesbury is ready to mate naturally, particularly if the birds are protected in opposition to weight problems by being allowed to be lively.

For high fertility, breeders need to be fed a ration that accommodates 18 to 20 % protein and is properly fortified with vitamin-rich substances like alfalfa meal, cod-liver oil, or a vitamin premix.

There’s a crucial want for extra conservation breeders of Aylesbury geese.

Their giant measurement, white pores and skin, and white plumage make them a superb market fowl and terrific addition to any small farmstead or yard producer’s flock.


The Aylesbury has all the time been thought to be a terrific desk fowl because it grows and matures in a short time and has a flavor and high quality that’s exhausting to match.

Aylesbury is good-natured and pleasant, though they do have fairly a loud quack.

Good again backyard breeds embrace runner geese, Campbell’s geese, and Aylesbury geese as they won’t fly out and escape and have nice quacks.

Name geese are one other chance, however, they’ll want wing clipping and are liable to be very noisy.

Aylesbury duckling


Aylesbury duck is a big-sized breed. It has pure white plumage and has white pores and skin, whereas most different home geese have yellow pores and skin.

Aylesbury geese have a protracted physique with a horizontal carriage.

They have a characteristically straight, deep keel that almost reaches the bottom.

Their legs and ft are orange and so they have an unusually lengthy and straight pinkish-white invoice.

Their legs are positioned halfway alongside the physique and it stands with its underside parallel to the bottom, giving it a physique described as “boat-shaped”. Their eyes are of darkish grayish blue color.

They’ve a comparatively lengthy and skinny swan-like neck. Aylesbury geese are of two varieties; exhibition and utility.

The exhibition sort has a really deep keel which makes it troublesome to efficiently mate naturally.

Whereas the utility sort is ready to mate naturally and their keel is comparatively smaller.

The common physique weight of the Aylesbury duck is about 4.5 kg and the drakes weigh about 5 kg. Picture from The Livestock Conservancy.


A real Aylesbury ought to have a horizontal carriage, which means that the keel of the fowl needs to be parallel to and touching the bottom when the fowl is standing at relaxation.

Geese feed on larvae and pupae normally discovered beneath rocks, aquatic animals, plant materials, seeds, small fish, snails, and crabs.


Aylesbury is solely obtainable in pure white.


They’ve been identified to reside for as much as 10 years and to put for six years.

Correctly cared for and fed with smart meals, Aylesbury geese will reply to their keeper and provides nice pleasure.

There are extra images and breed info on our breed web page for the Aylesbury duck right here.

I hope this article on Aylesbury duckling was worthy to you.

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