Red Fronted Macaw (Ara rubrogenys) Overview

Red fronted macaw

The Red-fronted Macaw, scientific name Ara rubrogenys is a popular breed of parrot native in a small semi-desert mountain in Bolivia.  Red-fronted macaw is a critically endangered species.

It has been successfully bred in captivity and is found even though it is not common as a pet.

It is sometimes known in the literature as Lafresnere Macau, to name the French ornithologist Friedrich de Lafresne, who is one of the first to describe the species.


Red-fronted Macaw is 55-60 cm (21.5-223.5 inches) long. It is mostly green and has a forehead red, a red patch on the ear and an orange edged under woven covering .ka.

It extends to a beak of pink skin around the eye. It turns red with wings and blue primary wings.

Red fronted macaw

Scope and habitat

The Red-fronted Macaw is locally located about 200 km west of Santa Cruz, in a small mountainous region in south-Bolivia, in the same name section, where the climate is a half-desert of moderate height.

Natural plants have mostly cactus (large and small) and prickly shrubs and scrubs. The climate is semi-arid, including winter nights and hot days.

In heavy storms, rainfalls. It is unusual that the only one living in this climate is Makawa.

Most Red-fronted Macaw nest in the holes of large trees, but there are not too many large trees in the range here, so they nest vertically on the cliff faces.

The Red-fronted Macaw bird was caught in the past for pet trade and was killed by local farmers as it attacked their crops.

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