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Yellow-billed teal

The Yellow-billed teal, scientific name Anas flavirostris is a South American species of duck. Like different teals, it belongs to the various genus Anas; more exactly it is likely one of the “true” teals of subgenus Nettion.

Yellow-billed teal profile

It happens in Argentina, the Falkland Islands, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Brazil. It has additionally established itself in South Georgia, the place it was first recorded breeding in 1971, and has been recorded as far east as Tristan da Cunha.

It inhabits freshwater wetlands, preferring palustrine habitat to rivers. Considering its broad range and native abundance, it isn’t thought about threatened by the IUCN.

Yellow-billed teal, scientific name Anas flavirostris

Range and habitat

The vivid yellow bill is probably the most conspicuous function of this aptly named teal: the sexes are comparable. It ranges from southern South America to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, favoring lakes, rivers, and marshes.

Birds of the race oxyptera, often known as the Sharp-winged Teal, happen on high-altitude Andean lakes from Peru to northern Argentina, and are typically considered a separate species.

These geese are similar to their lowland cousins however are barely larger with strikingly pale, virtually silver, underparts. The Andean Teal (A. andium) was previously regarded as one other race of flavirostris however is now given full particular standing.

Yellow-billed teal Description

The namesake bill is vivid yellow with a black tip and a black band alongside the ridge of the culmen. The species is considerably much like the bigger yellow-billed pintail, however has a darker head, shorter neck, and plain grayish sides.
Yellow-billed teal, scientific name Anas flavirostris
The dainty Yellow-billed Teal is a widespread and sometimes common bird in South America, occurring in quite a few completely different races.

By far probably the most quite a few is the nominate Speckled or Yellow-billed Teal, Anas f. flavirostris, which is instantly recognized by its small size (it’s barely larger than a Eurasian Teal) and putting yellow bill.

The latter is a function it shares with the Yellow-billed Pintail, which shares a lot of the same range, however is significantly bigger and longer-necked.

Behavior and Breeding

Quiet and pleasant birds, Yellow-bills do properly in collections, the place they breed readily, laying a clutch of 5 to eight creamy eggs. Incubation (24 days) is by the duck, however unusually for an Anas duck, the drake might help in rearing the ducklings.

Yellow-billed teal, scientific name Anas flavirostris

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