Rainbow Budgie Bird Profile and Information

Rainbow Budgie

Rainbow is a combination of blue-based budgie, opaline, clearing, and a yellow surface mutation. A rainbow spangle budgie is a beautiful pet bird species fond of all.

Budgies or parakeets are extremely popular pets, and for good reason. These little parrots make happy pets and are generally friendly and easy to tend. Although they can sometimes be difficult to understand, they are also capable of mimicking speech.

Body Color: Sky, Cobalt, or Mauv Blue (10% or less reduction) with full-body color depending on the specific dark cause.

Signs of head bearing wings and neck spots: white to medium gray

Cheek patches: Medium to deep purple

Main tail feather: gray with a body-color fusion

Leg and leg color: Blue or gray

Eye Color and Maturity at Iris: Black Eyes with White Iris.

Adult Semen Color: Medium to Deep Blue in Men. Depending on the breeding stage of the tan in females from light blue/white.

The true rainbow consists of only the above-mentioned transformations, blue, opaline, clearing, and yellow surface.

Additional mutations, such as spanga opaline yellow faces, or pied ones listed above, are not considered true rainbows.

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