How Female Peregrine Falcon is Different

female peregrine falcon

The female peregrine falcon has some exquisite uniqueness compared to its male partners. This article will talk about female facts as well as their differences with the male.

female peregrine falcon Color

Adults have a built-in navy gray color and a darker head with thicker sideburns. The teen female peregrine falcon is heavily marked, with vertical lines instead of horizontal bars on the nipples. Despite considerable age-related and geographical differences, and overall, the appearance remains tied.

Size and shape

Long, pointed wings and a long-legged female peregrine falcon are the largest falcons in most parts of this continent. Note the shape as well as the size – the longer primary feathers give the female peregrine falcon a longer wingspan.

As with most rapists, males are younger than females, so peregrinates can overlap with the larger female Merlin or smaller male girifolcans.


female peregrine falcon holds fast, medium-sized birds in the air with spectacular dives, says Stops. In the city, they are able to catch pigeons. Elsewhere they feed especially on shorebirds and ducks.

They often sit on the higher side, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack their aircraft.


Watch peregrine falcons paring or nesting in skyscrapers, water towers, cliffs, power pylons, and other tall structures. Scan the sky if a mudflat full of noisy birds and ducks suddenly burst from the ground.

A Peregrine (or Merlin) is probably in this area. The female peregrine falcon is found all over North America but is more common on the coasts.

What are the differences between male and female Peregrine?

The difference is unclear, especially not at first sight. And it’s really hard to see the difference when flying! That is why we will only talk about the difference between men and women when standing.

The color and pattern of the chest and neck are the best indicators, even if there are individual differences.

In the case of a cathedral couple, it is easy to see which one is male and which is a female peregrine falcon. The lower abdomen of the male abdomen and chest is white pink with fine horizontal gray stripes. They are often interrupted.

The upper part of the chest and neck is whitish, except for a number of gray-brown spots just above the striped part.

The female peregrine falcon has a beige-colored abdomen and chest with a red accent and a long horizontal dark brown stripe. He has a lot of brown spots on his neck.

The exact area of ​​her “sideburns” and the bottom are perfectly even in color; Red is a beige-colored tan that is easy to distinguish from the white of the male.

female peregrine falcon

The naked skin color around the eyes and on the scalp and the toe (also known as the “naked part” of the bird) is completely different: in men, they have a much more yellow complexion than women.

The size difference is also important. The male weighs about 700 grams and his wingspan measures about 85 centimeters.

The female weighs one kilogram, and her wingspan is approximately 1 meter or more. The male Falcon is therefore 1/3 smaller than the women, but it is not easy to see.

Direct comparisons can be made when a couple is standing next to each other.

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